Thread Lift Perth Review

Thread lift Perth is one of the best known and trusted names when it comes to wheel chair lifts. There are a number of lifts from Thread Lift Perth including, the Threadfloater, the Galaxy, the Tectra, and the UP Millennium. All of these are well known and respected names in their respective fields. With this being said, there has been much talk about a new lift called the Performer, which could potentially change the way that lifts are used in Western Australia and possibly other regions of Australia as well.

How To Use Thread Lift Perth?

thread lift perth


The way that this lift works is by using a continuous thread that runs across the wheel, which in turn allows for the wheel to be raised, lowered, or removed from its position. This concept would allow for wheelchairs and other such mobility impairments to have a much better mobility experience, whereas the current model where a person would need to basically push a button to start moving the lift would need to be improved upon greatly. Another huge advantage with this type of lift is that it would eliminate the need for ramps and would also allow for more safety, since the user can simply roll up the ramp.

One of the problems with wheelchairs is the fact that they do not have the same height as most other objects in the house, meaning that they can be hard to get into some places. The current system would be a lot simpler in this regard, as you would simply just need to pull the bottom part of the lift up, or in some cases not pull it at all. This would then allow the user to simply roll up the top portion of the lift and start off their walk. If this sounds like something that would benefit your loved one, then Performer lifts might be the solution that you are looking for.

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