Sydney Gel Blasters

gel blasters sydney

Gel blasters Sydney is certainly some of the best products available on the market and have many benefits over more traditional type blasters. They are incredibly easy to use, yet are incredibly powerful at what they do – firing a stream of small balls that will pierce most anything. If you are looking for an extremely small, effective blaster, you should definitely consider buying a Sydney model.


The best gel blasters in my opinion are the ones with both a blaster handguard and a realistic outer barrel, as these two features make them truly effective. When you first hold one of these blasters, you will notice how easy it is to hold and use. The inner barrel of the unit is made of a translucent material, which makes it easy to aim at targets and fires off tiny balls of gel. To increase effectiveness, you can purchase an additional orange handle, which allows you to direct the stream of gel at a specific angle. Overall, this unit is great for indoor activities and games, and is well worth the price.


One of the best aspects about these types of blasters is their ability to fire both airsoft gel balls and water beads. Airsoft gel balls fire a few feet out of the barrel, while water beads propel balls several feet through the air at high speeds. The added flexibility of having both types of ammunition available makes these products very versatile and useful. You can purchase a blaster with an outer barrel that can fire either type of ball, and you can also buy additional accessories to fire both types of ammunition. Overall, the Sydney Gel Blasters is well worth your investment.

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