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Dentist Brisbane – Your Best Dentist & Quality Dentistry, Your Dentist Brisbane Southside. We are a family of five with three kids ranging from two years old to eleven. I was born with a cavity in the mouth and my children had cavities. My first dentist was a specialist in my state and did a cosmetic dentistry on my teeth and gums. My kids now have cavities and I now have to visit several specialists and orthodontic offices in Southside to get the work done for them. The dental insurance that I had with Blue Cross Blue Shield was very helpful because I wasn’t able to afford all the cavities. The work I received at the dentist office was great but I needed something that my family could afford when we moved to our current house. Discover More Here

Best Dentist & Quality Dentistry

Dentist Brisbane


I wanted to find a dentist that had quality dentistry, one that would offer dental plans so we could pay for our services when they were needed, and also a family dentistry. Dentists in this area can sometimes be a little bit expensive for families and we didn’t have any extra money to spend on that. I am going to do some research before choosing a dentist in Southside. I want to find someone that can help my kids as much as possible. A dentist in this area who knows how to treat a child’s cavities is very important.


Once I found a dentist in the area I wanted, I was able to have dental procedures done, like cleaning and filling of cavities. I also found that there were other services that they offered such as a root canal which I was happy to know I could have. This was the first dentist that I met at my local dentist’s office. I was able to discuss a few things with him including what type of service I need, whether it was an annual cleaning or a root canal and he was very knowledgeable about it. I was able to speak with other patients at his clinic and he was very friendly and willing to answer any questions I had. I was very impressed by his attitude and professionalism.

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