Dallas Solar Offers Tax Credit For Residential and Commercial Property Owners

Dallas Solar

A family-owned and operated Dallas Solar Company with a simple mission to put homeowners first, with an emphasis on solar energy. Solar Panel Installation is a system specific to the individual needs, taking into account your specific electrical needs and your desired style of home design. It is highly recommended that you contact a Dallas solar specialist to receive an estimate and quote for residential solar installation. Whether your desire is to replace or upgrade an existing solar panel, create a stand-alone system, install photovoltaic cells on-site or to build a totally self-sufficient system, the experts at Dallas solar can help you achieve your goals.


Dallas solar specialists are qualified and experienced in providing a full range of residential and commercial services related to the use of solar energy. The solar expert will evaluate your building requirements and property, then work with you to determine which alternative solution will best meet your goals and objectives. Many people are finding that Dallas solar energy is a great investment considering the growing concerns about the environment and energy. The tax credit that is associated with solar energy is one way that residents are choosing this alternative method to power their homes and businesses.


If you are interested in purchasing or installing a new solar energy generating system in your Dallas area, it may be wise to contact a Dallas solar specialists to help you make the best decision for your home and business. They will not only assist with the purchase and installation process but will also offer tax credits and rebates to offset the cost of your purchase. The tax credit is based upon the amount of energy your new solar panels generate and is calculated on a monthly basis, beginning on the date of purchase. This incentive is provided through the tax code and is updated periodically to help ensure your property tax credit remains effective and in place.

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