Slate Roofing – The Benefits

Leichhardt is a suburb in Australia’s Sydney city. It is known for its scenic beauty and for being the birthplace of the world-renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Leichhardt was also home to the Australian cricket team for two decades. The suburb also has a population of over 21 thousand people, making it one of the most popular suburbs in Australia. The primary source of income in the area is its agricultural produce and its prominent role in the agricultural and tourism industry in general.


Leichhardt slate roofing experts are experienced and skilled at installing slate roofing on all sizes of commercial and residential properties. This includes flat roof constructions as well as slate roof extensions. If you are considering Leichhardt as your next home or investment property, we recommend that you work with an experienced and licensed slate roofing contractor to ensure that your installation is completed in a timely manner that meets or exceeds your expectations. We are able to provide you with a free online estimate for your slate roofing project so you can get started today.


Your new roof will provide many years of unparalleled service and it will add to the beauty of your property as well as improve your landscaping. Slate roofing Leichhardt experts can also advise you on other construction options including the use of clay tiles to create a unique roof design, as well as using slate instead of regular slate to reduce heat buildup and increase the structural integrity of your roof. By choosing slate instead of regular slate, you can save money on your heating bills as well as significantly reduce the maintenance required to keep your roof in excellent condition.