Information on Flare Pants

Like many others, flare pants outfit have been on the retro scene for decades, all the way back from the early 70’s, which are now back in fashion with a fashion quotient greater than ever. They’re ridiculously hot, feminine and just plain classy; yet still look very sophisticated and elegant, as well. These pants are sexy without being flamboyant, and they’re easy to flaunt, regardless of what you pair them with.

If you’re wearing a short skirt or dress, then flare pants can really add some zip to your otherwise plain tank top or tank-top dress. If you’re wearing a skirt, then a nice classy flare cut tee shirt or jacket in one of the cool colors is always a great way to finish off the look. A really great way to wear the flare pants is to wear a shirt with an embellished front or some other type of hobo print, and maybe even some lacey accessories like a belt and/or earrings. These flare tops don’t have to be extremely over the top, either; many come in soft, subtle colors that still show some skin, but which still draw attention away from the legs. A light, pastel colored sweater in a flannel material is another great way to keep your legs looking great. Don’t forget your flip-flops or sandals, because you can turn virtually any summer dress into a flare outfit by adding some colorful flats or a pair of bright, beaded heels.

If you’re wearing a shorter skirt, then a nice pair of flared pants is a must. You can always find flare tops that are not flare pants but flare tops are especially attractive when worn with flare pants. Try one with an oversized heart design or some other fun, feminine embellishment, and team it with some pretty high heels or wedges. For a casual look, try wearing a solid color top with flare pants, then add a pair of high heels and a belt. These flare tops are definitely a must-have for any closet!