3 Reasons to Install a Car Battery Replacement in Your Next Rental

car battery replacement gold coast

As the owner of a Gold Coast car rental service, I am often asked if we carry car battery replacement parts. The short answer is yes, we do. If your car battery is more than 2 years old and on its last legs, it is probably time for a jump to a new one. It’s not just because they are cheaper; in many cases they are better quality. In this article I’ll outline three reasons why you should consider car battery replacement at your next rental depot visit. Find out: voltagebatteries.com.au/


The first reason to replace your car battery is safety. Many people have young children in their car with them at all times, especially on long holiday trips. When you go out of commission for the day, those kids are left in the car. Even if you bring a car charger with you, there is no guarantee that the battery will charge the way it should. Replacing a dead battery is as simple as switching the key and recharging your car.


The second reason to consider car battery replacement is just the maintenance of your vehicle. With an older battery, you will find that every now and then you need to service your alternator. This can be costly and time consuming. A replacement is much less hassle and much cheaper. As a note: you should never connect your car battery to your alternator until you know that the battery is fully charged and ready to go!

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