Day: June 8, 2021

Insulation Vacuum

Insulation vacuum cleaners are extremely useful for removing fiberglass batt insulation. This can be a very difficult to remove a type of material and many people will call in a professional in order to get the job done properly. The main problem with removing fiberglass batt insulation is that it is very difficult to work at one area and then remove the rest of the material without disturbing and possibly damaging the rest of the piece. The best way to go about removing this type of material is to take a few different pieces and use them while simultaneously pushing the vacuum cleaner’s hose to the fiberglass batt. This is an easy and effective way to remove the material and does not require a great deal of time or effort on your part.

insulation vacuum

Bags and Fiberglass Batt Removal

Some professionals will actually take fiberglass panels and cut them down in size to make it easier to remove the materials. One of the biggest problems with removing fiberglass batt insulation is that it is very difficult to clean the surface area of the batt because it will essentially be full of fiberglass. Once it has been compressed and sat down it will not come out very easily. Many professionals use special chemicals that allow them to quickly and easily remove the fiberglass from the surface without any damage being done to the material or the surface. After they have completely removed the material from the surface of the batt another method of removing it is to use a strong vacuum that has been designed specifically for this type of job.

When choosing a vacuum to use for removing the fiberglass, you need to make sure that it has a filter that is made specifically for this purpose. This type of vacuum should have both a wet and dry filter in order to remove the debris and dust. There are some professionals who will suggest the use of Styrofoam as a means of removing the parts but I feel that this is a poor choice as Styrofoam has the tendency to trap moisture which will cause the buildup of mold on the batts once they are vacuumed up. This process of cleaning up the batts is called vacuuming and can be very difficult and time consuming. For this reason I would recommend the use of a standard garbage bag as an alternative to using Styrofoam.

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