Day: May 24, 2021

What Type Of Weed Killer Should You Use On Your Lawn?

Herbicides, more commonly called weed killer, are organic chemicals used to destroy unwanted plants growing uncontrollably in a soil environment. Herbicides are generally applied to the surface of the soil where weeds are present. A wide range of herbicides exist, including non-selective herbicides that kill only the target weed. While leaving the target crop relatively untouched, selective herbicides control only certain weed species.

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Weed killers can be used for broad-spectrum herbicide which is used on all plants. It is used on lawns and gardens, and is available in both liquid and powder forms. A third variety is a broad-spectrum weed killer that is effective against many broad-spectrum weeds, and is used for lawns and gardens. Although, it is recommended for use on all plants, particularly sensitive grasses.

If you are wondering what type of weed killer to use on your lawn, go for the chemical free variety as they are less harmful to lawns than the non-chemical types. However, be careful not to use chemical-free chemicals in water systems as they may end up leaching into underground water supplies and contaminate groundwater. If you are planning on using pesticides on your lawn, make sure that the product is certified to be safe for human consumption. Pesticides that are used on food crops are considered safe, but remember that this is not so for pets or small children who may come in contact with the pesticide when picking up their dead pet or dropping off a young child at a day care. If you suspect that a weed killer is being used on your lawn without proper authorization, contact a local pest control company at once. You can report the incident right away, and help prevent future instances where deadly chemicals are used unnecessarily.